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S.J.Andrews Electronics, designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of electronic components for use in a wide variety of applications. Honesty is the foundation of our principle, and is obeyed by employer & employees.
Our focus and dedication in this specialist field has resulted in significant technology advances and production process improvements providing a high level of support for our customers. It works not only internally, but also to the customers, suppliers, countries, and society.
With our positive attitude and dynamic approach we are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction allowing our business to grow from strength to strength. Development of our company's expertise through its staff is of paramount importance as we look to the future.
Allow us to demonstrate our ability by contacting us. Investment in training programs will ensure that we not only have the technology but the management, marketing,finance and systems to secure our future growth in the business of electronics.
The spirit of innovation is advocated at S.J.Andrews Electronics. The new ideas & concepts are taken into action in designing, producing, selling & managing after evaluating. The measure of our success is total customer satisfaction.