Ni-MH – The High Power Battery Series

Did you know Similar to NiCads, nickel-metal hydride cells provide 1.25 volts per cell? However, NiMH batteries can supply two to three times the energy capacity of a similarly sized NiCd battery. For that reason, NiMH batteries have replaced NiCd batteries in many applications that require reusable and renewable power.

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If you go the NiMH route, there are a few maintenance consideration you must keep in mind. For example, they dislike overcharge. We will advise you on an appropriate charger to use. If well maintained you can reap the benefits of the energy capacity of NiMH batteries.

Tips for maintaining your NiMH Batteries

  • Nickel-based batteries must cool down on trickle charge. If warm, trickle charge is too high.
  • Consumer chargers do not always terminate the charge correctly. Remove the batteries when warm to the touch. Discontinue using a charger that “cooks” batteries. Talk to us about the correct type of charger.
  • Do not charge when hot or at freezing temperatures.
  • Nickel-based batteries are best fast charged; a lingering slow charge causes “memory.”

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Title: How rechargeable batteries work
This video demonstrates how a rechargeable battery works

There are several variables to consider when selecting your power solution. These range from price to energy density, temperature variables and much more. Talk to our team, and we can help you find the right solution at the right price for your application.
We look forward to hearing from you and solving your problem.

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