Energizer Max battery – a resellers favourite, and here’s why!

Last week we touched on replenishing battery stocks for your retail outlet over the festive season. One concern you may have is the longevity of the batteries that may not move over the period. Once again, Energizer has a perfect solution, the Energizer MAX®. The Energizer MAX® holds power for up to 10 years while in storage, giving you multiple seasons and occasions to get a healthy return on investment.

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The Energizer MAX® also last up to 30% longer than previous batteries, an excellent solution for a host of devices including:
• toys and games, remote controls, flashlights, smoke detectors, clocks, radios, car remotes and all manner of devices used on a daily basis

The Energizer MAX® is also an excellent option for extended longevity in devices with moderate to high drain rates such as handheld game systems, portable music players, camera flashes and lighting. Another feature we like in the Energizer MAX® battery is the unique design that protects devices from leakage.

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