The most important investment of the year – Uninterrupted productivity

In October 2018 Eskom shared its Transmission Development Plan (TDP) for 2019 to 2028 with the different stakeholders at a public forum in Midrand, north of Johannesburg. However, much investment is necessary, and there are expected blackouts in the interim.

The expected blackouts were evident in December when Eskom announced scheduled power outages due to inadequate energy availability. Financial constraints limited maintenance amid unplanned outages from the aging fleet of power stations. The controlled blackouts threaten South Africa’s economy as President Cyril Ramaphosa attempts to draw investment to help boost growth.

One of the solutions to the short to mid-term blackouts is energy from alternative sources. At the top of the list for South Africa, in particular, is solar energy. The abundance of light energy from the sun and relatively wide open spaces make this an option for many businesses and private users. Solar installations have become cheaper and more accessible over the years. It has never been more affordable to set up and use energy from photovoltaic technology.

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We supply many of the elements professional installers need to build solar solutions. We have a selection of battery chemistries, solar panels, solar controllers and more. If you are looking for a solar solution, now is the time to invest. In the short run it means uninterrupted productivity, and in the long run, it means a reduced energy bill.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) started their nationwide hearings in Cape Town in January 2019 to set the prices and tariffs for Eskom.

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