What is your short to long-term power solution?

In light of the current Eskom plan (or lack thereof) it’s becoming more and more evident that a short to long-term solution is the only option, even for households. There have been talks of a solution in a year or two. However, even the current demands raise questions about full disclosure, mitigation measures, redundancies etc.

What load shedding stage are we really in?

We have seen many brilliant minds come together from across the globe to share data, design solutions, develop and roll out alternative energy solutions. The one common denominator for just about every solution is batteries. The humble battery is the key to just about every viable solution.

We have a wide range of battery chemistries and supply manufacturers, installers, property developers, energy consultants etc., for your small and large-scale projects. If you are a property developer or own a building it is time to build in a backup power solution. It will now, more than ever, carry more weight in the valuation and sale of your commercial or private properties.

Capturing energy is no longer the milestone. The solutions are tried, tested and working. The key to making the most of the power on demand is your choice of battery. Are you thinking long term or short term? Are your requirements on an industrial scale? Are you looking at critical infrastructure solutions? There are options! Talk to us about your needs, and we will recommend the battery chemistry that meets your budget and demands.

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