CH48100 ( 48V 1 00Ah 4U) Power Pack Specification

  • CH48100 pack uses safe lithium iron phosphate technology. This chemistry has the advantages of high cycles and long service life. It has good high temperature performance, high energy density and conversion efficiency.
  • CH48100 pack uses automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge & overtemperature conditions.
  • CH48100 pack has a built in Battery Management System.
  • CH48100 pack is environmentally friendly.
  • CH48100 Iron Phosphate battery series can be used for Energy Storage System.
  • CH48100 packs can be set up in a modular design. Installation can be set up in a standard cabinet or wall mounted cabinet.
  • CH48100 can be set up in parallel to increase storage capacity.


CH48100-48V100 Ah 4U Power PackV2

Figure 1 Global View of the Battery

CH48100-48V100 Ah 4U Power Pack - FRONT Medium ResolutionV2

Figure 2 Front View of the Battery

Figure 3 Battery Size-mm 4U

Figure 3 Battery Size-mm





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