Benton Range of Battery Chargers

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Fast and efficient battery chargers

As a reseller or distributor, you understand the importance of a good quality battery charger. A battery charger that includes faster and more efficient charging, an extended battery life, improved safety and compatibility with different battery types and sizes, are just some of the qualities that we need in a good quality battery charger.
Benton BX1
The Benton BX1 M 12V Battery charger is an intelligent charger with a seven-step charging process. It charges lead acid batteries, Wet, Gel, MF, AGM and Calcium and has a charging capacity of 12V: 1.2Ah-120Ah. The battery charger kit includes the Benton charger, quick contact clamos, quick contact ring terminals as well as a multilingual instruction manual.

Benton BX-2
The Benton BX-2 is a smart, 8-step fully automatic switch mode battery charger and maintainer, designed for charging a variety of 12V and 24V lead-acid rechargeable batteries. The Benton chargers wet, flooded, gel, AGM, MF and VRLA batteries with a capacity from 12V/14Ah to 12V/230Ah and 24V/14Ah to 24V/120Ah. The BX-2 also charges batteries in cold conditions, recovers slightly sulphated batteries and rescues drained batteries. It provides trickle charge and maintenance charging which increases battery life and gives superb performance. The versatile BX-2 smart battery charger comes with boost charges, maintenance, power supply and memory function. Contact SJ Andrews for more information on our Benton range of chargers.

Benton BX4 M
The Benton BX4 M 12V Battery charger is an intelligent charger with a five-step charging process. It charges 6V and 12V lead acid batteries, Wet, flooded and AGM type rechargeable batteries. It has a memory function and rescues drained batteries over 2.5V. The Benton BX4 M is a direct plug-in type and comes with an interchangeable deluxe clamp and ring snap connectors. Contact SJ Andrews for the full range of battery chargers.

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