Loadshedding Continues to Affect Productivity and Safety

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Quality commercial and residential power backup products.

The ongoing Eskom Loadshedding shows no signs of improvement. As we enter the winter months, it’s likely to persist or get worse before it gets better. In light of this, power backup batteries are not all recharging fully because of Eskom’s load shedding schedules. We have a selection of battery chemistries and alternatives to help you provide solutions that will keep your customers happy, warm, and batteries charged between cuts this winter. 

Do you supply and install solar systems? This is the better route for clients because it is a longer-term solution. The expected surge in demand for power backup this winter is here, and stock is moving at pace to keep up with the demand. Help your clients improve productivity and safety in commercial and residential areas with reliable backup power solutions. Don’t wait for stock to run low, get in touch and order what you need for your clients. Talk to us about our range of batteries, inverters, panels, and other installation products.

If you are an installer you are probably extremely busy implementing alternative energy solutions. We supply installers all they need for residential and commercial grade power backup and power storage. In our residential range of power backup products, we have a range of cost-effective battery chemistries for UPS systems, CCTV, electric fences, lighting and more which help improve security during loadshedding.

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If you build UPS systems or install solar for homes, talk to us about our range of solutions.

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