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Order your Solar Stock Solutions
Are you a solar and inverter distributor? Do you resell or install backup power solutions? You will know that solar supplies are getting harder to find due to the increase in demand. We have recently received a large consignment of new stock. Don’t wait – place your order to avoid disappointment.

Higher levels of load shedding and new tax incentives for businesses and households are fuelling a surge in demand for solar PV, and the local market is struggling to meet the current growing demand. In the midst of facing equipment supply shortages, we have received our stock and are ready to send out your solutions! Avoid being left behind – contact us to place your order.

We supply a wide range of products and accessories equipment for solar installers and distributors. Do you need a steady flow of products for your home or commercial installations? We have the stock, range and expertise to help you establish a steady supply chain.
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