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Order your Energiser Specialist Batteries.

Are you a manufacturer or retailer of remote controls, hearing aids, watches, electronic toys, glucose monitors, and other electronic devices? Providing batteries for use and replacement batteries is always a huge plus for your customers. Include long-lasting, quality Energizer batteries designed specifically for specialist devices in your product packages. If you have not yet done so or need to replenish your stock, give us a call to secure your Energizer replacement batteries. 

Energizer provides replacement and rechargeable batteries for a large variety of specialty battery types. The specialty batteries are ideal for watches, toys, remotes, calculators, medical use and more. Energizer batteries are a popular choice because they are among the longest-lasting batteries on the market. The miniature batteries are designed to prevent damaging leaks and premature low battery signals. 

If you manufacture or retail remote controls, clocks, cameras, glucose monitors, pedometers, electronic toys or other electronic devices, search through our selection of Energizer battery options and call us to place your order. 

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