Swopping out Lead-Acid Batteries for Drop in Lithium Batteries

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Drop in Lithium for mobility vehicles.
Lead-acid batteries, while commonly used, have several drawbacks such as having a short lifespan, needing regular maintenance as well as being heavy and bulky. A drop in Lithium battery is an alternative option for mobility vehicles.
Lithium battery options offer a range of favourable features. Drop in Lithium solutions are easy to install, offer higher energy densities and voltages, have longer life cycles and faster charging times. Lithium is a favourable option because of the current loadshedding, which ensures that your mobility vehicles store more energy, and your clients spend less time replacing or maintaining the battery and get more use out of the product. Talk to our sales team about a solution for your mobility vehicles.
While Lithium batteries have a higher initial cost, their return is far greater than other battery chemistries. Your clients will also benefit from higher quality, longer lifespans, and higher energy densities, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run. If you want to move to lithium, come in and let us know your requirements and we will put a solution together for you or your production line and retail outlet.
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